A podcast about every single vampire film ever made, hosted by Cortney Cassidy.

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Season 1

23: Shadow of the Vampire

Willem Dafoe as a vampire.


22: La Vampire Nue

An interdimensional cult of immortal humans.


21: Vamp

Grace Jones as a vampire.


19: El Vampiro

A vampire in Mexico, with special guest, Roberto Martinez.


18: Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Leslie Nielsen as a vampire.


17: Mr. Vampire

A Chinese hopping vampire.


16: The Fearless Vampire Killers

Sharon Tate as a vampire.


15: Vampyr

Calvin Klein's mentor slays a vampire.


14: The Monster Club

Vincent Price as a vampire.


13: Dracula Blows His Cool

Vampires with Italo-disco and lots of boobies.


12: Nosferatu

The first bootleg Dracula.


11: Vampire in Brooklyn

Eddie Murphy as a vampire.


10: Twilight

Cedric Diggory as a vampire.


09: Dracula

Béla Lugosi's first time as a movie vampire.


08: Blade

Wesley Snipes as a vampire superhero.


07: Blood and Donuts

Brad Pitt's old roommate as a vampire.


06: Fright Night

Susan Sarandon's first husband as a vampire.


05: Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp as a vampire.


04: House of Dark Shadows

The first movie based on a daytime soap opera.


03: Black Sabbath

The movie title that inspired the band.


02: The Return of Doctor X

Humphrey Bogart as a vampire.


01: Le Manoir du Diable

The first vampire film ever made.